Safety Management Software

Safety management software is the solution that businesses with an implemented management system are looking for.

Safety Champion Software


Imagine this…

A near-miss incident occurs at your workplace and the worker can record and report the incident using their mobile phone. Then, the report is immediately logged on the incident register, and an alert is sent to management. Further, a review of the report and attached pictures prompts further investigation. Finally, the supervisor is alerted and decides to raise a corrective action. The corrective action has a specified timeframe to close-out and will prompt the supervisor if this has not occurred. Now you are sitting in your ISO surveillance audit and are asked to show reporting, review, follow-up, corrective actions and close-out of an incident. All the evidence, from reporting to close-out, is at your finger-tips.

Encompass Safety is an official partner for Safety Champion, we can manage and implement your migration to a cloud-based safety management system software that can assist in:

  • Incident/reporting.
  • Inspections.
  • Simple investigations.
  • Raising corrective actions.
  • Allocating actions to be completed.
  • Chemical register.
  • Document management.
  • Contractor management.

The software allows for users to conduct system activities for their phone, tablet or desktop.

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