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Encompass Safety is your professional partner for Loganholme based businesses seeking safety consultancy and management system audits. Providing, consultancy since 2011 and based on the Sunshine Coast, Encompass Safety provides high level support to business in Loganholme.

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Managing health and safety at your Loganholme based workplace is more than just trying to comply with current changes in the legislation. As such, Encompass Safety partners with organisations to develop holistic, productive management systems. Furthermore, we identify and manage risks, reduce the potential for incidents and ensure legislative compliance. Also, improving performance through workplace consultation and training in or near Loganholme.

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Safety Auditing

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    Management System Auditing

    Management System Audits are conducted against the relevant international or Australian Standards that may be applicable in Loganholme.

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    Legislative Auditing

    Ensure your systems and processes comply with the current legislation. As such, through consultation with the client, specific audits can be conducted to review current systems and processes against legislative requirements.

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    Process Auditing

    As part of maintaining a functioning management system in your business or company, the link between processes can be audited. Now, these audits are conducted at the coal face and may identify any disconnects between the management system and the way work is conducted. Furthermore, process audits include human resources, training, production, monitoring and reviewing the process of your business in Loganholme.

Emergency Management

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    provide varied emergency management training including first aid, fire extinguishers, wardens and fire safety advisers. Also, for more information see training.

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    Annual Reviews

    Encompass Safety conduct your annual review and provide findings and recommendations for you as part of your emergency management plan update.

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    Support and Advice

    Providing ongoing support to provide assurance to the business.

Management Systems

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    ISO Certification

    Encompass Safety can assist your Loganholme business to develop, implement and maintain your management systems, including the following ISO Certifications:

    • 45001: Health and Safety Management System.
    • 9001: Quality Management System.
    • 14001: Environmental Management System.

  2. 2
    Develop and Implement Management Systems

    Encompass Safety has varied packages including:

    • Kick Start Program – This package provides a manual with corresponding procedures and forms. Also, the business receives a half-day training session in the package and email support for 6 months.
    • Mentor Program – this package includes an initial gap analysis, a custom manual and scheduled contact days. Including, both system and process audits ready for certification.
    • Full Program – this package includes full development and implementation of the required management system. Including, audits and attendance at certification audits.

  3. 3
    Additional Services

    In addition to the development and implementation of the management system, Encompass Safety can assist businesses in Loganholme by providing the following services:

    • Attending certification audits and following up on non-conformance and recommendations.
    • Formulating objectives and targets for management system projects.
    • Conducting internal audits and reporting to management. Then, Analyzing company statistics and preparing management review reports.
    • Attending management review meetings.


  1. 1
    Cert IV Work Health and Safety (WHS)

    The Loganholme based Cert IV Work Health and Safety course is considered an entry-level qualification for WHS Advisor/Coordinator. However, it is also the basic knowledge required for company officers, as well as middle and front line managers.

    So, this program can be delivered as a 5-day course or customised to an in-house course and may be delivered over several months.

  2. 2
    Health and Safety Representative

    Recent changes to Queensland Workplace Health and Safety law mandates training for health and safety representatives (HSRs).

    So, the course duration is 5 days, which can be conducted over a number of weeks to minimise workplace disruption. The representatives’ refresher course is required every 3 years and requires a 1-day course.

  3. 3
    Fire Safety Training

    Encompass Safety can provide training for the following roles:

    • Fire Safety Adviser.
    • Fire Warden.
    • And, how to use a Fire Extinguisher.

  4. 4
    First Aid Training

    Flexible and face-to-face training can be provided in Loganholme and includes:

    • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), including defibrillation.
    • Providing First Aid (equivalent to Senior and Apply First Aid courses).
    • Advanced Resuscitation (Oxygen).
    • And, advanced First Aid.

Incident Investigation

  1. 1

    At Encompass Safety, we only employ qualified and experienced investigators who can provide assistance through objective third party analysis.

  2. 2
    Investigative Process

    Our investigative process includes:

    • Scene management.
    • Collection of evidence, including taking and logging statements and photographs. Then, reviewing site documents and legislative requirements.
    • Conducting an analysis of incidents using models including PEEPO (People, Equipment, Environment, Procedures and Organisation), timelines and event trees.
    • Determining causal factors that contributed to the incident.
    • And, Providing recommendations & a comprehensive report to the business or principal contractor.

Safety Management Software

  1. 1
    Safety Champion

    Encompass Safety is an official partner for Safety Champion, we can manage and implement your migration to a cloud-based safety management system software.

  2. 2
    How it Assists You

    Safety Champion can assist in:

    • Incident/reporting.
    • Inspections & simple investigations.
    • Raising corrective actions & allocating actions to be completed.
    • Chemical register.
    • And, document & contractor management.

Safety Consultancy and Management System Audits

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